Solid Timber Wooden Doors Manufacturer Malaysia

The classic and elegant look of timber wooden doors is still trending, even with the ever changing tastes and styles. Wood has remained to be the most popular choice of material for both interior and exterior doors.

Since the beginning of time, every door was made of wood. Doors made of other materials like fiberglass, aluminum, and particle board were not common and in some cases unheard off. Solid wood was the choice material for doors and windows. Because of its authentic look, durability and reliability, wood is still trending despite the increase in use of other materials.

Stanford-Dor have remained loyal to wood, making customized doors that create a warm and charming feeling at every door step.

If you are a home owner in Malaysia who wants to create a classic look in your home, consider Stanford-Dor to get the best wooden doors within your budget. You will soon realize that nothing beats the natural feel, look and warmth of real wood. Wooden doors work with almost all-if not all- home styles. They can be customized by giving them a natural artsy touch to make them more attractive and work well with modern home.

The doors come in a variety of choices to choose from. Among the popular choices are oak, redwood, pine, walnut and mahogany. The choice of the wood species to go for will depend with your taste and budget, some species are better than others. Some work best with exterior doors, while others are good with interior doors.

The best wood choice for exterior doors

The exterior doors are in most cases the first impression of your home. Being the entry point to the main house, they can be designed to act as the focal point of your home fa├žade. As a home owner, you should invest in both front and rear doors that are attractive, welcoming, secure, durable and safe.

  • White Oak

  • One of the popular wood species for the exterior doors is the white Oak. It is a hard wood that is durable, has a tight grain pattern, and has a high resistance to moisture, pressure and decay. All these characteristics makes white oak good choice for exterior door as it can withstand outside elements. The dark gray and whitish gray color makes its attractive, and when used as front door material, it will add a welcoming touch to your home.

  • Mahogany

  • Mahogany is also among the most popular species for exterior doors. It has a high water resistance level which makes it overcome the challenge of swelling doors found in other wooden choices. Though mahogany doors are expensive, they bring a classic look in your home with the natural beauty of wood. They are also durable and safe, giving you value for money.

    Wood not meant for interior doors

    Some species of wood are not good for exterior doors. Even with the best craftsmanship, some species will not make quality exterior doors. The notable species that are not meant for exterior doors are Adler and poplar.

  • Poplar

  • Poplar is a very soft and cannot make a secure and safe exterior door. Though it's readily available and inexpensive, it is not attractive and paint is needed even when building other furniture like cabinets, plywood, sashes, and interior trims. For which it's popularly used for.

  • Adler

  • Although Adler is a hardwood and can made a secure and safe exterior door, it is not capable of withstanding outside elements and thus not durable when exposed to the outside. It can rot and decompose in moist and humid climates as it's not moisture resistance.

    Interior doors

    While exterior doors give the first impression and provide security in your house, interior doors add to the beauty, character and style of the entire house. Interior doors are style and fashion treasures and care should be taken when choosing them. There are a variety wooden doors available in the market, go for a wooden door that appeals to your taste and works well with the interior theme of the house.

    Species that are used for exterior doors can also be used as interior doors, mixed and matched with other species to create unique style or a contrasting look. Mahogany and maple have matching grain patterns and make a good and attractive interior door when mixed together.

    Since the interior is protected from the outside elements, some wood species that are not used for exterior doors can be perfect for the interior door.

    Adler is a hardwood that has a pronounced grain and uniform texture making it a good choice in creating a natural interior theme. It can also be combined with cherry to create an attractive appearance the house.

    Whether as exterior or interior doors, timber wooden doors have continued to create a warm and natural look in many modern homes. You can find a custom made door at Timber wooden doors manufacturer Malaysia that will give your home a classic look.