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Stanford-Dor is the brand name for wooden doors manufactured by Stanford-Dor Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd. The company began its operations in early February 2006 using the latest hot press multi layered machine to meet international standards.
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Stanford-Dor Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd
(Co. No. 386166-K)
Lot 704, Batu 13, Kg. Sungai Rambai,
42600 Jenjarom, Kuala Langat,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: 603- 3191 7404  / 6019- 318 4489
Fax: 603- 3191 3118


Timber doors hold a classic and elegant look, preserving the natural grooves of timbers. Timber withstand eras of different trends and styles, remained to be the top choice of materials when it comes to door choices. Timber door has an exceptional build, suitable to be installed for interior and exterior. Timber doors is built with a solid log, which helps in durability and longevity. We cure our doors chemically to offer water resistance, without destroying the natural looks.Because of its authentic appearance, durability and reliability, timber still trends despite plenty of new materials. We make sure that our timber doors create a warm and charming feel, for each and every house. Our timber doors come in a variety of different choices to choose from. Popular timber choices for doors are oak, redwood, pine, mahogany and more. You can easily pick the perfect choice that goes well with your interior. With proper customization, timber designs offer a natural artsy touch that blends well with contemporary designs. Pick timber doors, as they prioritize natural classic appeal and maximum security.You can always find a custom made timber door at Stanford Door.


Wooden Doors remain one of the most popular door choices among Malaysians, despite the increasing material of door choices. Wooden doors still hold their places among top spots for many reasons. Aesthetically, they are among a few material that offers a timeless design. They can effortlessly blend into different modern interior designs. There are plenty of wooden doors to choose from, to best fit interior and exterior purposes. Wooden door gives a warm and charming welcome at every door steps, while still make a solid door for maximum security. Wooden doors now come in different timber choices such as oak, redwood and walnut. The spectrum of materials available can easily fit into different tastes, and budget. On top of that, all doors are chemically treated to better withstand extreme weather conditions. It has a high water resistance level which makes it overcome the challenge of swelling doors found in other wooden choices. Wooden doors are also durable and safe, providing the best bang for bucks on your door investments. Pick from our wide variety of wooden doors available on our website, we are sure you will find something you love.